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Shurtape A&E 724 Gym Floor Tape

Shurtape A&E 724 paper tape is approved by the US Volleyball Assoc. for the temporary marking of playing courts on gym floors. This tape utilizes a high quality synthetic rubber adhesive that is designed to remove cleanly, leaving no residue and causing no damage to a properly finished gym floor.

Shurtape 724 is made of a tough draft paper backing and is designed for minimum elongation (stretching).

The adhesive on this tape will not ooze or migrate to the floor to which it is applied. It can be hand torn and can be written on with a felt tipped marker.

This product is availalble in 1/2 in., 1 in., 2 in. & 3 in. widths.
Shurtape 724 Gym Floor Tapee


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ATP DC5227X Double Faced Tape

DC5277 Double Faced Tape from Adhesive Tape Products is a cloth tape with a very aggressive adhesive on both sides of the tape.

This product utilizes a peel-off vinyl backing which must be removed before the tape can be applied. It can be removed cleanly with no residue left behind.

A very aggressive rubber based adhesive makes this product ideal for the installation of carpet in exhibition halls and convention facilities

This tape is 11 mils thick and standard width is 2 inches (48 mm).

This product is similar to Polyken 105C and Shurtape DF-642.

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Duve Pro Felt Tape

Duve Pro is an adhesive-backed polyester cloth tape with a matte black finish. It is made up of fibers that give it an appearance similar to Duvetyne, the fabric from which many theatrical curtains are made. It is great for repairing curtains and creating props, flats and set pieces that do not reflect light.

Duve Pro is useful in creating home theatres when a border is needed for a custom made screen. This material is made in widths up to 48 inches, so it can be used to cover an entire sheet of plywood. This product is compatible with the hook side of hook-and-loop material and can be used for display boards to which photographs and posters with velcro backings can be attached.

Standard Duve Pro sizes are 2 in., 3 in. and 4 in. widths-5 yards in length. 25 yd. lengths are also available.

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Spike Tape

Spike tape is a cotton cloth tape used for marking areas on stages and film & video sets. Multiple colors are used so that locations for more than one performer, set piece or prop can be “spiked” or located at the same time.

Spike tape uses a synthetic rubber adhesive which allows it to be removed without leaving any tape residue.

This tape is actually the same as gaffers tape, but is normally slit to a width of only 1/2 inch. This width makes it easily hand tearable and allows a stage manager or stage hand to keep rolls of several colors in hand at one time. spike

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Shurtape A&E Professional Grade Gaffers Tape

Shurtape A&E Professional Grade gaffers tape is a premium grade cotton cloth gaffers tape which utilizes a specially formulated synthetic rubber adhesive. This adhesive resin is designed to work well in extreme temperatures-both in very cold climates and in close proximity to hot stage lights.

Synthetic rubber resin adhesive makes for a product that removes cleanly and leaves no adhesive residue.

This tape will provide a waterproof, dust proof seal and is preferred by videographers and camera men whenever a strong, easy-to-tear, water proof tape is needed.

Click here for Shurtape A&E Professional Grade gaffers tape specs.

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Pro-Citrus Spray Cleaner

Pro-Citrus Cleaner is an easy-to-use degreaser and adhesive remover formulated from natural citrus oils. It can be safely used on most surfaces to remove oil stains, adhesives, tar, heel marks, graffiti and lipstick.
Packaged in a 15 oz. aerosol can, Pro-Citrus is non-corrosive and has a pleasant citrus smell.

This is a great product for removing tape adheisve.Pro Citrus Adhesive Remover

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Vinyl Electrical Tape-Black-EL761

PVC vinyl electrical tape (Black) for electrical insulation. This tape uses a natural rubber adhesive and is intended for electrical insulation up to 600 volts. Packaged 10 rolls per sleeve, 100 rolls per case. Standard width is 3/4 in. and each roll is 66 ft. long.

This product is also available in other colors.


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Bi-Directional Filament Tape

ATP FIL-835 Bi-Directional filament tape is a fiberglass reinforced polypropolene tape available in three widths. This high strength tape, ideal for strapping and palletizing, has fiberglass fibers running at right angles through the tape to provide for an extremely strong bond. This tape has a tensile strength of 220 LB and uses a synthetic rubber adhesive.

This tape is similar to 3M 8959 filament tape, but is stronger.

6 inch bi-directional filament tape is ideal for building hexayurt temporary shelters.

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Permacel 665 Gaffers Tape Now Shurtape A&E 665

Permacel 665 gaffers tape has been re-branded as Shurtape A&E gaffers tape. The industry standard for over 30 years, 665 gaffers tape is now made by Shurtape. Same specs as the original 665, same familiar red & white box and the same performance you have come to expect.

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